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Routine Guidelines

While our event is an exhibition, please review the following routine information to help you prepare for our event!

Cheer and Dance Routine Times:

As this is your teams opportunity to prepare for competitions, perform a fun routine, or simply a time to honor someone you know effected by breast cancer, we invite you to do a routine of any style on any caliber! Please note: There is no specific routine time limit, however we ask that routines do not exceed 3 minutes.

All-Star Stunting Regulations:

All stunts and tumbling may not exceed the USASF level 6 rules and regulations. If you are unsure of these regulations, please contact us and we are happy to direct you!

Pink Ribbon Cheer Classic Safety
While our team showcases their talents throughout the day, we do want to ensure that we are encouraging a safe environment for our safety. We will have a warm-up floor (between 5-7 rolls) and a full 54 x 42 performance foam floor. Coaches must submit a signed waiver for every participant in order for your team to perform. These waiver forms are included in our forms section but can also be found on our website. Please be prepared to submit these during the event check-in. We are proud to be supported by the Association in Women’s Health of the Mahoning Valley, which will have on site nurses in case of an injury. If an injury does occur, we ask that you fill out an accident report which will be provided at the event.